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Last Updated: 16 Mar 2018 17:02 ET
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Last Updated: 16 Mar 2018 23:00 ET
 SymbolPrice$ Chng%ChngVolume
Russell Breweries Inc.RB.H0.03000+0.00000+0.001,600,249
Nexia Health Technologies IncNGH.H0.02500+0.00000+0.001,263,135
Triangle Industries Ltd.TIA.H0.10000+0.00000+0.00551,000
Knol Resources Corp.NOL.H0.07000+0.00000+0.00349,300
Atlantic Industrial Minerals Inc.ANL.H0.01500+0.00000+0.00298,000
Canadian Silver Hunter Inc.AGH.H0.08000+0.00000+0.00203,500
Baymount IncorporatedBYM.H0.02000+0.00000+0.00131,000
ACE Aviation Holdings Inc.ACE.H0.17500+0.00000+0.00120,000
Vertical Explorations IncVERT.H0.18000+0.00000+0.00101,146
Pacific Link Mining Corp.PKC.H0.06500+0.00000+0.0074,831
Tanzania Minerals Corp.TZM.H0.01000+0.00000+0.0040,510
Santa Rosa Resources Corp.STR.H0.16000+0.00000+0.0040,000
Darien Business Development Corp.DBD.H0.62000+0.00000+0.0039,500
Mezzotin Minerals Inc.MEZ.H0.01000+0.00000+0.0035,000
Jiminex Inc.JIM.H0.02500+0.00000+0.0030,000
Edgewater Exploration Ltd.EDW.H0.13000+0.00000+0.0027,500
DLV Resources Ltd.DLV.H0.44000+0.00000+0.0025,000
Canadian International Pharma Corp.CIP.H0.04000+0.00000+0.0021,500
Mazarin Inc.MAZ.H0.09500+0.00000+0.0020,000
Balto Resources Ltd.BAL.H0.08500+0.00000+0.0015,000
Ross River Minerals Inc.RRM.H0.01000+0.00000+0.0014,660
Allante Resources Ltd.ALL.H0.11000+0.00000+0.0010,000
AlkaLi3 Resources Inc.ALK.H0.01500+0.00000+0.0010,000
TransAmerican Energy Inc.TAE.H0.02000+0.00000+0.0010,000
Westcot Ventures Corp.WET.H0.74000+0.00000+0.006,000
DMD Digital Health Connections Group Inc.DMG.H0.18000+0.00000+0.005,000
Canadian Imperial Venture Corp.CQV.H0.40000+0.00000+0.003,512
Mangazeya Mining Ltd.MGZ.H0.02000+0.00000+0.003,200
Devin Energy CorporationDVC.H0.03500+0.00000+0.002,691
Zincore Metals Inc.ZNC.H0.11000+0.00000+0.002,538
Stocks that trade in $US have not been converted to $CDN in the above tables. Notes and debentures are also not included in the tables.

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