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(ie - ABC.H not ABC.T.H)
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Last Updated: 25 May 2017 14:15 ET
Largest net decrease in price from previous close.*
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Last Updated: 25 May 2017 14:19 ET
 SymbolPrice$ Chng%ChngVolume
Red Rock Capital Corp.RCC.H0.05000-0.05000-50.00500
Coronado Resources Ltd.CRD.H0.22000-0.04000-15.389,029
Sixonine Ventures Corp.SNX.H0.13500-0.01500-10.00612
Canadian Silver Hunter Inc.AGH.H0.04000-0.01500-27.2715,000
Westridge Resources Inc.WST.H0.23500-0.01500-6.0059,500
Valencia Ventures Inc.VVI.H0.14000-0.01000-6.6720,000
Pacific Link Mining Corp.PKC.H0.02000-0.01000-33.3315,000
Bluerock Ventures Corp.BCR.H0.12000-0.01000-7.695,500
Jourdan Resources Inc.JOR.H0.16000-0.01000-5.887,004
Trigen Resources Inc.TRG.H0.08000-0.01000-11.1120,000
Forrester Metals Inc.VEM.H0.11500-0.00500-4.17490,000
Mangazeya Mining Ltd.MGZ.H0.03000-0.00500-14.2916,000
Pitchblack Resources Ltd.PIT.H0.38000-0.00500-1.3025,000
Roscan Minerals CorporationROS.H0.09000-0.00500-5.2630,450
Morgan Resources Corp.MOR.H0.02000-0.00500-20.001,000
Arcturus Ventures Inc.AZN.H0.15500-0.00500-3.13500
Sable Resources Ltd.SAE.H0.13000-0.00500-3.703,000
Pedro Resources Ltd.PED.H0.09000-0.00500-5.2615,000
* The previous close is the closing value for the last day the equity traded.
For example, an inactive stock's previous close may have been from a few days ago.
Stocks that trade in $US have not been converted to $CDN in the above tables. Notes and debentures are also not included in the tables.

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