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Delayed Market Depth By Price Summary

Last Market by Price Update: 06 Feb 2023 16:12 ET

Instrument Name: POET Technologies Inc.      Symbol: PTK

The market data displayed is provided on a 15-minute delayed basis and we do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Please refer to the date/time stamp above to obtain the age of the data in this table.

OrdersVolumePrice Range
Price RangeVolumeOrders

The table displays a summary of the orders entered at the best five price levels for each of the buy and sell sides of the market for this security. The best prices for each side are highlighted in bold type above.

The detail for the best five price levels is available in real time on a subscription basis through authorized data distributors. Please click here for a list. Many full-service brokers subscribe to this information and often provide this pricing detail to clients on request. The detail price information may also be available through the quote services of some online trading services.

Delayed Market Depth by Price Summary data available for TSX Venture Exchange only.

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